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Monday, 12 September 2005

First day of the pre-conference was great.
The Los Angeles Convention Center welcomed many Microsoft enthusiastics that were brave enough to pay extra 300$ per pre-conference.

I went to the "Windows Internals" session, held by David Solomon (http://www.solsem.com/) and Mark Russinovich from Sysinternals.
They're both, of-course, the writers of one of the greatest windows books: "Windows Internals".
The book, by the way, is in it's 4th edition and they are going to release the 5th edition when Vista will get RTM.

Mark and David are great. They deliver the material in a very informative and funny way. Although I wasn't interested on some parts of the session, I never got bored.

They showed a lot of hidden low-level features in Windows, some of them are even undocumented, and Mark (as not being part of the Shared Source program) had to investigate and find information about those features all by himself. Very impressive!

Mark demonstrated some of his freeware tools from Sysinternals, like Process Explorer, FileMon, RegMon and AutoRuns.
Those are MUST tools for everyone who wants to know exactly what happens on their Windows box.

Process Explorer is an extended version of the Window Task Manager. It's a great tool, but it's lack of fast loading like the Task Manager, and therefore it still cannot replace it IMHO.

RegMon and FileMon are great monitoring tools for the Registry and the file system. One of the cool things David and Mark showed us was that the security information, like the cached domain password hash, is saved in the Registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SECURITY, but when you open regedit and go there, you won't find anything because you don't have the permissions. He showed us that by opening RegMon and filtering the SECURITY key. Great tool.

Autoruns is a replacement for the well-known MSCONFIG tool. It shows much more information, and it's more reliable IMHO.

They also talked about The Kernel Architecture, 64bit, and Security.

In summary, it was a great session. Recommended for everyone to take on the next PDC.

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