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Wednesday, 14 September 2005

The first day of the conference was AWESOME!
At first, Microsoft's CEO, Bill Gates, gave a great keynote with a very funny video. This guy was actually playing well, and he is almost as crazy as Steve Ballmer, IMHO.

In the middle of the keynote, Jim Allchin, Group VP of Platforms in Microsoft, showed a new Windows Mobile 5.0 device from i-mate. This new cool device is sold on retail for over a 1,000$, but Microsoft are selling it on PDC for... 150$. Yes, this is not a typo. Only 150$. And guess what, I've just bought one :-)

After the keynote, I went to the Monad session, where they introduced the release of Beta 2 of Monad. Grab your copy here.
The session showed how powerful Monad is, and how it combines the power of the .NET Framework and the flexibility of *nix shells.

Next, I went to the AMD gaming zone. AMD declared a Far Cry tournament, where you can win a full gaming box (with AMD hardware of-course).
On the 1st round I got second place, and qualified for the finals, which will take place on Thursday. Cross your fingers for me ;)

My last session for today was "What's new in IE7". Chris Wilson, a program manager in the IE team, showed some cool security features that will be in the next version of IE, like phishing filter, and the protected mode. Also, they finally implemented tabs browsing and they also added, what I think will be one of the killer features of IE7 - a tabs overview.
In the tabs overview you can see all the opened tabs in a nice formatted window, and you can decide whether to move them around, close the tabs, etc. This is a great innovative feature.

I will post a short section from the hilarious bill gates video, and some cool and exclusive photos from the keynote and the IE7 session in a few hours.

But just to give you the first taste, here's a photo from outside of the Los Angeles Convention Center.

PDC at Los Angeles Convention Center
LA Convention Ctr.

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