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Thursday, 29 September 2005

Channel9 uploaded the videos from the PDC showoff. You can watch all of them here.
The concept of the PDC showoff was: "Why demo your cool application to a few friends, when you can Show Off to thousands of your peers at the PDC?".
Most of the demos were great, but some were too commercial IMHO.

My favorites are: 

Enjoy :)

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Sunday, 25 September 2005

PDC was great!

Great sessions, great keynotes, great goods, great food, great people. great Great GREAT!

I've met some great people, like Miguel de Icaza, The creator of Mono, and Yossi Taguri, one of the best Israeli lecturers.

I also had the opportunity to talk with people from Microsoft: Rob Franco from the Internet Explorer security team, Anders Hejlsberg the designer of C#, and the crazy Don "context" Box.

I will upload photos from the last days of PDC soon.


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Wednesday, 14 September 2005

So, here's the hilarious movie clip, where Bill Gates meets an old friend:

Bill Gates Movie

The following are photos taken from the keynote:

PDC 2005  Bill Gates  Bill Gates  Bill Gates shows how clear is Vista 

And here are some Vista photos, again from the keynote:

Aero in action  New Alt+TAB view  Another new Alt+TAB view  Windows Media Player Gadget (Widget?)  New vista games

Exclusive photos of Office 12:

Excel 12  Excel 12  New font preview feature in Word 12 
Powerpoint 12  Finally.. RSS in Outlook 12  Search results in Outlook 12

And last, photos of IE7. Including exclusive photos of the tabs overview feature and the new IE toolbar for web developers:

IE7 Phishing filter in action  IE7 Tabs overview page  IE toolbar for web developers in action. (Will work on IE6 too)

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The first day of the conference was AWESOME!
At first, Microsoft's CEO, Bill Gates, gave a great keynote with a very funny video. This guy was actually playing well, and he is almost as crazy as Steve Ballmer, IMHO.

In the middle of the keynote, Jim Allchin, Group VP of Platforms in Microsoft, showed a new Windows Mobile 5.0 device from i-mate. This new cool device is sold on retail for over a 1,000$, but Microsoft are selling it on PDC for... 150$. Yes, this is not a typo. Only 150$. And guess what, I've just bought one :-)

After the keynote, I went to the Monad session, where they introduced the release of Beta 2 of Monad. Grab your copy here.
The session showed how powerful Monad is, and how it combines the power of the .NET Framework and the flexibility of *nix shells.

Next, I went to the AMD gaming zone. AMD declared a Far Cry tournament, where you can win a full gaming box (with AMD hardware of-course).
On the 1st round I got second place, and qualified for the finals, which will take place on Thursday. Cross your fingers for me ;)

My last session for today was "What's new in IE7". Chris Wilson, a program manager in the IE team, showed some cool security features that will be in the next version of IE, like phishing filter, and the protected mode. Also, they finally implemented tabs browsing and they also added, what I think will be one of the killer features of IE7 - a tabs overview.
In the tabs overview you can see all the opened tabs in a nice formatted window, and you can decide whether to move them around, close the tabs, etc. This is a great innovative feature.

I will post a short section from the hilarious bill gates video, and some cool and exclusive photos from the keynote and the IE7 session in a few hours.

But just to give you the first taste, here's a photo from outside of the Los Angeles Convention Center.

PDC at Los Angeles Convention Center
LA Convention Ctr.

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Tuesday, 13 September 2005

The following are some pictures I've taken, of the things I got at the PDC pre-conference.
More to come... :)

Give aways from the first day PDC05 Bag Universal Studios party information Preconference meterials
All in 1 giveaways PDC 2005 Bag Party info Pre-Conf. Meterials

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Monday, 12 September 2005

It started like a nice day.
PDC Session about securing your applications. Got "Threat Modeling" book for free.
Then got back to my hotel for a break off, and also to buy a new Digital Camera at RadioShack.. and then.. POOF. No electricity.

At first I thought it was only a problem in my room.. Then when I got out of my room it seemed like the whole hotel got no electricity.. and then came the Sirens of the police and the fire department vehicles, and I understood it's bigger than that.

It seems like a large part of Los Angels is out of electricity. Total blackout.

Hopefully it got nothing to do with terrorism. We've just passed September 11th..

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First day of the pre-conference was great.
The Los Angeles Convention Center welcomed many Microsoft enthusiastics that were brave enough to pay extra 300$ per pre-conference.

I went to the "Windows Internals" session, held by David Solomon (http://www.solsem.com/) and Mark Russinovich from Sysinternals.
They're both, of-course, the writers of one of the greatest windows books: "Windows Internals".
The book, by the way, is in it's 4th edition and they are going to release the 5th edition when Vista will get RTM.

Mark and David are great. They deliver the material in a very informative and funny way. Although I wasn't interested on some parts of the session, I never got bored.

They showed a lot of hidden low-level features in Windows, some of them are even undocumented, and Mark (as not being part of the Shared Source program) had to investigate and find information about those features all by himself. Very impressive!

Mark demonstrated some of his freeware tools from Sysinternals, like Process Explorer, FileMon, RegMon and AutoRuns.
Those are MUST tools for everyone who wants to know exactly what happens on their Windows box.

Process Explorer is an extended version of the Window Task Manager. It's a great tool, but it's lack of fast loading like the Task Manager, and therefore it still cannot replace it IMHO.

RegMon and FileMon are great monitoring tools for the Registry and the file system. One of the cool things David and Mark showed us was that the security information, like the cached domain password hash, is saved in the Registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SECURITY, but when you open regedit and go there, you won't find anything because you don't have the permissions. He showed us that by opening RegMon and filtering the SECURITY key. Great tool.

Autoruns is a replacement for the well-known MSCONFIG tool. It shows much more information, and it's more reliable IMHO.

They also talked about The Kernel Architecture, 64bit, and Security.

In summary, it was a great session. Recommended for everyone to take on the next PDC.

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Thursday, 01 September 2005

Just 3 more days and I'm off for a one week of vacation. And then.. PDC!
Yes, you've heard it right. I will attend the Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles.
But first, a trip to Hollywood, then few days of fun and gambling in Las Vegas, and last but not least, a Celine Dion concert at the Caesar Palace hotel.


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