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Tuesday, 22 January 2008

[More updates at the end of the post]
As of last Saturday, Skype have disabled adding videos from Dailymotion. They have announced it in their security bulletin.

While this "workaround" was good enough to mitigate the proof-of-concept I provided, it cannot be considered a real workaround that will help secure Skype users, until a patch is available.

For an unknown reason, Skype have decided to leave adding Metacafe videos through its' "Add video to mood" and "Add video to chat" features. So basically, injecting a script to Metacafe video's metadata (Title, Description, etc.) should be - again - enough to execute code from remote.

So, I've tried a simple script tag injection to the metadata of a video, and failed because Metacafe are stripping HTML tags from the metadata. I did that by submitting a video through the Metacafe website.

But then I saw a little link on the upper right of the website, suggesting to download "Metacafe pro", which is the software version of the Metacafe website. So, I did, and surprise, surprise... Submitting a video with HTML and script tags through the "Metacafe pro" application does not filter the tags!

After few tweaks (Thanks Golan!) I was able to create a fully working proof-of-concept exploit.

The more troubling issue here is that this PoC can actually be triggered by simply visiting a website, or clicking on a link from your Instant Messaging application. Which basically means that this vulnerability is now wormable!

This is why I've decided not to publicly disclose the proof-of-concept, nor to show a video that might disclose too much information.

I've sent the PoC to Skype's security team, and have been told that they are going to release a patch for this vulnerability ASAP. Furthermore, they have now disabled the Metacafe tab too - which means, no more adding videos in Skype until a patch is released...


[UPDATE 23-JAN-2008 00:55 GMT+2:00] For no good reason, Skype have decided to bring back the Metacafe videos feature. The proof-of-concept still works. So, as this is a wormable vulnerability, my advice for you guys is to downgrade your Skype to a version that does not support adding videos (before v3.5.0), or even better - Uninstall Skype, and use an alternative client!

[UPDATE 23-JAN-2008 11:30 GMT+2:00] After talking with the Skype security team, it seems like bringing Metacafe back was probably a malfunction, and surely was not on purpose. They are doing their best to disable it again. I for one can say that on some of my computers Metacafe is now disabled. Let's hope they'll disable it everywhere, at-least until a patch will arrive.

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Sunday, 02 November 2008 10:08:22 UTC

how did u disable metacafe from skype?
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