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Tuesday, 15 January 2008

After reading the great post, I must say, "Hacking the Interwebs" by the GNUCitizen team, I thought that it would be a waste not to try and find a way of attacking UPnP without the Flash requirement.

Basically, what needs to be achieved in order to attack the device through UPnP over HTTP is to:

  1. Be able to send a "POST" request to the device's IP address.
  2. Be able to set the "SOAPAction" header of the "POST" request.

Now, because we can't set headers in a simple HTML form submission, we can instead use XmlHttpRequest. But,  becuase the device's IP address is of-course different from the attacker's web site IP address, the same origin policy comes into play.

If we'll disregard that the device might have XSS vulnerabilities, another way of breaking the same origin policy is DNS pinning.

I was about to start and investigate whether XmlHttpRequest and DNS pinning can be used to attack UPnP enabled devices, just to find out that someone else has already done this research.
And this was done almost a year ago!

Yet another reason to shout: DISABLE UPnP NOW!

Tuesday, 15 January 2008 10:16:13 UTC | Comments [0] | Security#
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