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Tuesday, 06 June 2006

After I installed the new beta 2 release of MS Office 2007, I've encountered a problem creating new VSTO (Visual Studio Tools for Office) 2005 projects.

The first google search result for VSTO 2007 was this post, encouraging me to download the VSTO 2007 (v3) June CTP.

Unfortunately, for some unknown reason this VSTO 2007 CTP version requires the WinFX February CTP to be installed.

As I've already installed the new beta 2 release of WinFX, and I didn't want to rollback to the old February CTP version, I've decided to hack the VSTO 2007 installer:

  1. I've extracted the provided EXE file (self extracted zip file). One of the extracted files was the MSI installer.
  2. I've opened the MSI file using ORCA, and looked for 'WinFX'.
  3. I've found out that the installer is checking if 'InstallSuccess' registry value exists under 'SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WinFX RunTime\3.0\Setup\Indigo' registry key. But, in WinFX beta 2 they've changed the path to 'SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WinFX RunTime\3.0\Setup\Windows Communication Foundation'. So, I've edited the value in the MSI and saved it.

The installation went without any problem, and I was able to create new VSTO projects under Visual Studio 2005.

The hacked version of VSTO 2007 (v3) June CTP can be found here: vsto3ctp.zip (1.34 MB)

Disclaimer: You may download and use the hacked version at your own risk.

Tuesday, 06 June 2006 08:50:41 UTC | Comments [1] | .NET#
Saturday, 15 July 2006 19:06:10 UTC
Thanks. Just what I needed!
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