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Wednesday, 14 September 2005

So, here's the hilarious movie clip, where Bill Gates meets an old friend:

Bill Gates Movie

The following are photos taken from the keynote:

PDC 2005  Bill Gates  Bill Gates  Bill Gates shows how clear is Vista 

And here are some Vista photos, again from the keynote:

Aero in action  New Alt+TAB view  Another new Alt+TAB view  Windows Media Player Gadget (Widget?)  New vista games

Exclusive photos of Office 12:

Excel 12  Excel 12  New font preview feature in Word 12 
Powerpoint 12  Finally.. RSS in Outlook 12  Search results in Outlook 12

And last, photos of IE7. Including exclusive photos of the tabs overview feature and the new IE toolbar for web developers:

IE7 Phishing filter in action  IE7 Tabs overview page  IE toolbar for web developers in action. (Will work on IE6 too)

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